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HP is an American multinational IT organization. It provides software and hardware services from small to large businesses across the world. The company offers an extensive range of IT products. Two partners Dave Packard and William Hewlett had organized this company in the year 1939. Their first invention was an audio oscillator. The company was started in a car garage in California, where today it was headquartered. The company is specialized in developing and manufacturing PCs, computer storage, networking hardware, scanners, and printers etc. HP also provides services to these products. At present more than 3, 17,500 employees are working in the company globally. The company has their own customer support system which helps the user to upgrade and solve their problems. Moreover, HP Support system is absolutely free of cost. With the large array of products sometimes customer find difficulties in installation, up gradation, and software and hardware issues. The most common issues with HP products are: HP printers have broken many records. It comes in a large variety. These printers provide a solution from doc printing to high-end image printouts. Sometimes the user cannot understand the actual installation process and find a few issues like installation, connectivity issues, and Driver issues etc. You will find HP Support Number Assistance on new desktop and notebook PCs. It can also be downloaded from other manufacturers to support easy access to HP printers. It is preinstalled I HP systems or Compaq windows 7 and some Vista systems. You will not get it in Windows XP systems. The best part is that you need not have an internet connection to access customer support except in a few cases. Though HP support system does not check for viruses but is a large number of systems would be affected. It provides an update to handle those viruses. The systems which have turned on receiving updates from this system will be benefited. The HP Support Assistant controls the tune-up tasks and schedule. It has four main tasks to be performed in the automated tune-up are:

  • Cleaning of temporary files, cookies, and unnecessary files
  • Perform disk defragmentation (e.g. rearrange the files on the hard disk to optimize performance)
  • The HP Tune-Up service allows HP Technician to typically perform the above tasks, along with below mention task.
  • Delete viruses and spyware
  • Check Microsoft configuration and startup settings
  • Erase all unwanted application software
  • Advise the user on the system, configuration, and maintenance
  • Advise the user on the system, configuration, and maintenance

Important Things To Know About HP Tech Support And General Troubleshooting

General Performance Help

800 Customer Service is a platform which is fully dedicated to its customers to provide them with services in the field of HP products. These include HP Printers, HP scanners, and HP laptops. Any problem that you can possibly think about for printers like driver problems, configuration problem etc can be resolved easily by their professionals. We also provide HP Tech Support Number which is active round the clock to provide technical support to the clients on call. In this write-up, we will give the brief about what services we provide.

HP Help Number will guide you briefly about:
  • Resolving problems on your laptops related to the site crashing, pop-ups, and system application malfunctioning.
  • Resolve security support problems, virus and malware troubleshooting for your laptop.
  • Diagnosing your printer and checking the software configuration trouble of your printer to your laptop.
  • Checking the printer connected through network and troubleshooting such trouble.

Things To Know

You will get assistance from the HP certified technical staff and professionals. We make use of advanced tools so that the problem regarding your HP products be it printers, laptops, desktop etc are solved thoroughly and completely. In case you are deceived by some online shop and have been delivered a replica of any HP product, such scams can be easily detected. This is because before providing the service to our clients we first check the bar code and serial number to check whether the product belongs to the real HP brand or not.


Below are written some points which you should always keep in mind that are the general rules to maintain your HP products. Please make use of them to generally take care of your gadgets. Make use of automatic firmware and updates. This will help you to improve the performance of your printers and laptops. You just have to follow the notification which will display on your laptop/s screen when the updates are available. Just make use of stable internet connection and opt for the option of ‘Yes’ for the notification. Your PC will be updated. These updates will also update the software which is installed for the use of the printer in your laptops/desktop. HP PCs have an option of automated fixes and troubleshooters. Using these, you will be able to troubleshoot many problems of your laptops and printers by your own self. In case you do not know how to use this option, our technical support number is available for 24 hours to help you.

Personalized Support

Your HP support option in this field would help you manage all your HP devices which are connected to each other. You can do this by clicking on ‘My Devices Tab; in HP Support realm. If you have a registered ID login with that and if you do not have registered on this get registered and then log in. Through this, you will be able to access all your registered HP devices and would be able to control them. You can see what all you have subscribed and also any new options for subscribing to any website’s messages here.

Supporting Your HP Scanners And Printer

We are in the field of dealing with the issues regarding HP printers and scanners. If you are looking or HP Printer Support then log on to our official site (www.800customerservice.com) and contact us. We are present round the clock for our clients. We can help you on call through our technical support team and we also provide door to door service. If the issue can be resolved with the help of technical support team then well and good otherwise we also take your device to our service centers for further treatment. Below is the list of some of the services that we provide in the realm of HP Printer Support.

Installation Issues

It may happen that your HP CD for installing printer help can show error in your PC. This issue cannot be handled by any common person as this happens due to the error in the software of your computer system. For this, we have a trained staff to deal with the software issues and deal with the installation problem properly.

Configuration Errors

There is a possibility that due to some of the other reason like using old windows, old versions of printer setups etc can cause configuration issues. Without the full and proper configuration, the printer is unable to work. Therefore, we also help in getting the solution for configuration problems in the printers.

Connecting Issues

You may have sometimes noticed that despite you using the latest windows and HP printers, you are unable to get the connection right. This connection here means connecting the printer through Bluetooth or wireless connection through tablets and mobiles. Yes, today there is a technology through which you can get printouts by establishing a wireless connection of printers through your phone and get a printout.

Slow Speed

This is one of the most irritating issues that the users encounter while they use HP Printers. The worst part is that the error which causes the slow printing speed is very difficult to find out. It could be an error with your PC or error in your printer. Only a professional is able to find the error and fix it. We have the professionals to tackle this slow speed printing problems.

Driver Issues

There are a number of issues that the driver can cause. It can cause the wrong printing, not accepting the paper inside the printer, paper stuck in the printer etc. All this is resolved by our staff members without any difficulty.

Cartridge Issues

Your cartridge can create a lot of problems with your printing. Sometimes, they are not detected by printers and if you are refilling them, they contaminate the printer. Refilling causes leaking f the ink in the printer and this can jam the nozzle which detects the cartridge. All these troubles are the big obstruction in your printing process. But we solve such troubles completely. Moreover, we also provide HP Scanner Support.

All Solutions For Your HP Laptop

There is no doubt that HP Laptops are one of the most preferred choices when it comes to affordable laptops with the latest features. They have so many sizes that are available and offer a comprehensive set of features in each and every model. But even after this, people encounter problems with HP Laptops. This mainly happens because sometimes, unknowingly, people try to touch and fiddle with the software and even hardware settings that they should not even touch. Trying to resolve the minor problems in such cases leads them to the bigger problems. If you are looking For HP Laptop Support platform, then you are reading the correct post. We are here to provide you with each and every service in this realm. From technical HP Laptop Support to service centers to door t door service, we at 800 Customer Service do everything to support your requirements in this realm. If you are struggling with the software problems with your HP Laptops, just log on to our website.our service included.

WiFi Issues

Sometimes it happens that instead of getting a good signal your WiFi is not able to get a stable connection on your HP Laptop. This is due to the incorrect configuration or any other technical issue. We are capable of assisting our clients through the technical team on call. If it does not work even then, we attend to the customer through the offline mode and resolve the issue.

Slow Speed Performance

With time, all laptops develop an issue of slow speed. Even if you clean all junk files and upgrade your system even then you will encounter with the trouble of slow speed. Not to worry. This could be due to undetected files which are taking a lot of space on your computer and you are unable to find and delete it. Our professionals do this work with ease and with completely satisfactory results.

Virus and Malware

No matter how much attention you pay in keeping the malware and viruses at bay from your HP laptops, they find some deceiving way to enter your la[top. Today internet has so many links that you cannot detect are real links or are viruses. Even if you touch such system unknowingly, you will be flooded with virus and malware. One needs to be proactive in such scenarios. We have the software programs that prevent your HP laptops from taking in any virus inside your computer. We have the rights for installing such programs on your HP laptops. This will solve all your problems regarding viruses and malware.

Blank Screen Issues

Internal problems in your laptops lead to the ‘blank screen’ problem. What happens is that your screen does not display anything other than the blank screen. These are yet another trouble which is due to software issues. If you call our HP Technical Support Number, we will resolve them as well.

Help With HP Toll-Free Number And Some Tips Regarding HP Troubleshooting

There are a number of problems that your HP laptops, printers and scanners can encounter. Most of the times people come in panic mode when such things happen with their HP devices. The thing here to know is that most of these problems can be easily solved by following simple few steps. Before running to the service center or calling the helpers, first, call on HP Toll-Free Number and contact the technical team. This is because most of the problems regarding HP products can be solved by following the simple procedures. You can call on HP 800 Number and can receive technical help from this platform round the clock. Here, we will provide you with some simple solutions and cautions before you run to the help center for getting solutions for problems regarding your HP products.

Desktop Errors

You may encounter issues like unable to switch on your desktop. No worries. There is no system in the world that gives a guarantee it will never show any glitches. Try out some below-written steps and you will be able to solve this trouble. Check the battery. It there is no movement in the voltmeter that means you need a new AC adapter. Check the DC jack or try using the other one instead of the old one.

Wireless Connectivity Problems

The wireless connectivity is the common problems which are encountered now and then. These may be due to losing connections. Read the below tips. Maybe they can help you in the field. First and foremost, make sure that the chords are inserted in the correct ports. Most of the chords look same. The colors make the difference. So make sure that you have inserted the right chords in the right ports. Look what the wire does not have any glitches in the chord. Moreover, always use the best quality of wires which do not have any damage. Go to the control panel and network. Make sure that the status of your wireless connection is enabled. Most of the times people do not understand and the disabled wireless connection is the top reason that there is a problem in establishing a wireless connection.

Wireless Connection

To check whether your wireless connection is working properly or not, the blinking orange light should be steady. If it is not, then go to wireless network settings and there you will get options to see all the right boxes are ticked. Always establish that your Ethernet port is properly connected with your printer port. A loose connection here is one of the main causes for the problem in the connection of your printer and PC. The above-written tips are some of the important things that you should keep in mind. To know more, log on to our official website.

Problems With Printers

If you are the rookie in this field, then there is a possibility that you can face some issues while connecting your printer with your PC. There are two most important things that you should keep in mind regarding your printer setup. Read them below. (These are the ways of checking your printer with the network connection)